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When a baby plays in or drinks from a water bowl

Having grown up with dogs, I admit to my share of not so hygienic moments with them. For a few months there, you could find my 7 year old self, regularly napping in either Tasha's or Scooter's crate in the family room. However, never do I recall playing or drinking from their water bowls - unlike baby Patrick in the video below.

Could you imagine if I tried sharing water with my dog Cleo?


Would you let your baby play in, or drink from your dog's water bowl? 


The fact that the people recording this video joke about child protective services is disturbing, but I'm not judging their sense of humor. They sound like they want to send this video in to ABC America's Funniest Home Video. 

It was a big relief to see their dog went in for a drink, and didn't mind sharing his bowl with Patrick.

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