Christmas Dogs: Our First Holiday Photo
Have you seen that doggie in the window?

Ten Things I love about the Holidays and Dogs

This time of year, the sights and smells attract me as much as they do my dog Cleo. We both noticeable pause, when we encounter the delicious food smells coming out of kitchen windows and bakeries.

While we both might like the smell of rosemary and a nice fir tree, on our neighborhood walk, my dog definitely prefers the smell of newsprint - because it means we're at Sammy's Newstand, where he has a container of special holiday treats waiting for Cleo.

While Cleo may be satisfied with her holiday nibbles, I have lots more on my list of what I love about this time of year. There are the special handicrafts, cute photos and sweet sentiments showing up online and in my mail. I love the catalogs and emails with beautiful displays of handmade cards or jewelry. I love the beauty that people can create and the sweet dedication dogs give us, even as we try to make them wear a Chimney Patrol hat.

With cranberry candles glowing, here are ten things I love about this time of year and dogs:

  • Receiving cute holiday cards with dogs sitting with Santa
  • Buying homemade dog treats as gifts
  • Trying to get Cleo to wear her Chimney Patrol hat, for more than a second
  • Taking photos of small dogs dressed up in winter outfits
  • Looking at rows of beautiful letter press cards with dogs on them
  • Reading stories of creative ways to donate to rescues and shelters
  • Stopping by the Macy's Union Square windows in downtown San Francisco to see the SPCA puppies and kittens, and see shoppers putting money in the red kettles
  • Smiling at the dogs wearing antlers on our walks
  • Supporting my local animal nonprofits with year end donations
  • Sipping egg nog with my dog Cleo, by the fire

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