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Photographs of Elderly Animals

Can you guess I love photography? With the hundreds of photos on Grouchy Puppy, of my dog Cleo, and the thousands more I have stored on an external hard drive, you might say that dogs and photography are important to me. A passion of mine.

Besides wanting to capture my beloved while she is with us, my reason for loving and appreciating photography in general, is the beauty. In a moment, an expression, the light, we all have a chance to share an extraordinary emotional experience together.

Isa Leshko, an amazing photographer, went through a year caring for her mother who has Alzheimer’s. Instead of photographing her family, she found an outlet for her experience in a series of portraits of aging farm animals.

What captured my eye and heart, is the depth and understanding that seems to come through her photos. The unspoken words between Isa and her subjects has me staring and contemplating what was being communicated beneath the surface.


Photo courtesy of Isa Leshko

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For more information about Isa Leshko's Elderly Animals, visit http://www.elderlyanimals.com

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