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Merry Christmas from our pack to yours

Happy Holidays!

We love the holidays, and baking cookies for friends, family & neighbors. This year our dog helped deliver the goodies in our neighborhood. She sprinkled fur along with her personality to all.

Along the way we had a few "is he a reindog?", a couple of "is it okay if I pet him, I love Shepherds" and just lots of smiles. Cleo had a grand time sharing her holiday cheer for everyone, especially those who stopped to pet her.

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Guess who we saw along the way?!

The big man himself, Santa! He even stopped to thank Cleo for doing such a good job delivering joy to so many people.

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It's evening now, and according to Cleo's radar-like ears and NORAD, Santa will be here soon. Time to cuddle on the couch, watch Miracle on 34th Street, have a cookie and wait...

We hope you all have a bright and merry holiday with friends, family and beloved pets. Thank you for reading our blogs and thank you for loving Cleo, and all dogs.

Peace, and joy to the world,

Sharon & Cleo

"Give Fearlessly. Influence Positively."

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