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After another year, does anyone know this dog's secret?

Crimes against dog lovers. It should be a crime that my dog looks this happy in the photo. She seems to have a secret ability to positively shine at will. 

This very morning, I was on a plane flying above her head toward Utah. They dropped me off at the airport, and because it was a beautiful early morning, went straight to the beach. Moments after getting out of the car, and producing a "double-bagger" for my husband to pick up, you get this perfectly snapped image.

The image is so perfect, when he emailed it to me in Utah, I thought it was a fake.


My dog Cleo loves Ocean Beach and Fort Funston. She doesn't like it when one of us is away, therefore both of us try to do extra special things to distract her from staring at the front door all day.

A fun excursion to the beach is a great distraction. However, from the looks of this photo, Cleo doesn't even remember that airport drop off. That was exactly 20 minutes ago.

What is her secret? Is it her ability to live in the moment? Maybe she is just expressing her joy at taking a big happy poop? Did she smell something extra stinky in the ice plant or in the sand? I can tell you honestly that the new year will have me once more hard at work, trying to figure this dog out.

Does your dog have any surprising skills? Are they transparent in their joy? We'd love to hear!

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