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After another year, does anyone know this dog's secret?

Baywoof's Beast of the Bay Awards 2012 - Nominations until Dec 31

Baywoof's 4th Annual Beast of the Bay Awards - Nominations are here! This is a contest to vote on everything dog and dog-centric in the San Francisco Bay Area! Over forty categories such as: Best View with a Dog, Best Online Web Advice, Best Yappy Hour, Best Canine Cause.

Grouchy Puppy would love to get your vote and be nominated for #43 Best Dog Blog on the ballot entry form. The four most-mentioned nominees will appear on the final ballot. The deadline for nominations is 12am on December 31st! Thank you for your support!

Please also consider writing in Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, the SF SPCA, PAWS SF, Pawtrero Hill Bathhouse & Feed Co, Happy Hounds Massage, Pet Food Express and all your favorites. We have so many wonderful organizations, gorgeous outdoor areas perfect for urban romps, and dog friendly businesses in San Francisco!

FINAL VOTING: In the January and February print editions of Bay Woof a sample final ballot will be included, and starting Jan. 5 through Feb. 10 we’ll have the final ballot posted online here: Online voting ends at midnight on Friday, February 10. Paper ballots for final voting will not be accepted.


RULES: Just one nomination ballot and one final ballot allowed, per person. No ballot stuffing please.

NOTE: only the first question is required to be answered in order to submit the ballot:

*1. Best thing to happen to SF / Bay Area dogs in 2011: 

Answer any or all the other questions.


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