When dogs get too confident
Birthday months and annual check ups

Vet Visit and Staying Positive

This morning I am at the vet with my senior dog Cleo. She is due for an annual exam, and recently seemed to be under the weather. Besides the check up, we are having her evaluated for possible new issues related to her current medications, and any extraordinary new developments. Is her vision worsening faster than expected? Is that hitch in her step the result of arthritis or something more serious internally? We hope her results will be normal for a Shepherd-Husky who is about 10 years old, and whose puppyhood wasn't the healthiest.


On the Grouchy Puppy Facebook wall, I've been asking people questions all week about how they handle mortality. It is an important topic for me. Lately I've been fluctuating between my normal optimistic self, with a more worried self. If you have ideas to share in the comments, how you focus on the positive, I promise to read all of them when we get back.

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