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Shake it! How Dogs, Cats, Even Hummingbirds Keep Dry

Our dog loves to get a nice towel dry after a bath. However, when it rains on a walk, or even after we towel her off, she still shakes her money maker. As a big Shepher Husky dog, she shakes so hard, it looks like she is going to flip herself over. This interesting article shares new research about how and why dogs, cats, even hummingbirds stay dry.

Shake It! How Dogs, Cats, Even Hummingbirds Keep Dry

Via by Robert Krulwich

They don't have towels. So when they get wet, what do they do? They shake themselves into a frenzy and the water flies off like this:

Dog Shaking 2
Carli Davidson Photography

The animal will typically start by shaking its head side to side, twisting its neck, then the shaking motion moves through the rest of the body, ending with the tail. [...] Read the entire article, including a hummingbird video showing how they spin dry in mid-air!

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