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Nov 8th People Saving Pets Introduces Volunteer Action Day

Having had such an amazing experience for the past six years, with my first adopted dog Cleo, my gratitude runs deep, as well as my need to give back to the organizations that have helped me along the way. If you have been searching for a way to give fearlessly to animal welfare organizations, tomorrow, November 8th is Volunteer Action Day - the perfect day to start.

PetSmart CharitiesOn November 8, People Saving Pets introduces Volunteer Action Day, encouraging people from all over the United States to visit their website to learn about and sign up for volunteer opportunities at their local animal welfare organizations.

For example, when I entered my own zip code, I found that members are needed for the American Cancer Society's Bark For Life of San Francisco Planning Committee.

There are many ways to get involved. PetSmart Charities encourages animal-lovers to volunteer, opt to adopt a pet, donate, spay or neuter their pets, or simply spread the word about the People Saving Pets movement.

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Free Therapy Sessions: Coping with loving a senior dog

Having a senior dog in your life is like having free therapy sessions. You experience many strong emotions, and you have a lot of questions that you need help answering. And like a good therapist, a dog can get you to stop, listen and be in the moment. We have a senior dog, my first. I've already experienced a lot of emotions, from the first night we adopted her.


Our dog Cleo, has been a force of nature. She has demanded that we participate in her life, and in return, she etched herself into ours. Now, six years after we brought her home, Cleo is slowing down and showing signs of age. Though I can't imagine my life without her, my brain keeps directing my eyes to stories about "the end". Because I feel that to honor Cleo, and all the hard work she has put in with us, it is my duty (and only fair) to be prepared for the inevitable, and to read those stories.

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Dogs and Holiday Meals: Start with your ABCs

We just came back from a walk with our dog. Once again, a nice encounter for our dog and a few kids and senior folks. However, once more I was surprised when a clearly smart woman, didn't know the chocolate in her hand, was poisonous to our dog.

This encounter was a reminder for us to pay close attention as the holidays begin. Starting with the ABC's of what to avoid, be aware of, and watch out for, especially if you plan to have people over. The holidays bring out happy and well-intentioned guests, and isn't better to be safe than have to make a trip to the emergency room?

Let's begin with the ABC's...

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