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Curiosity may cause trouble for a cat, but not for me.  My constant curiosity, about dogs and dog behavior, makes my days with my dog Cleo fly by. Her expressions, her behavior, has me so curious about what is going on insider her head. A friend of ours, Peggy Frezon, author of Dieting with my Dog, offered us a chance to ask her some questions, as part of the Dieting with my Dog "Weight Loss with a Wag" blog book tour.

Dieting with my dog cover 2 sm copy 2 for evitePeggy is the author of the new book Dieting With My Dog: One Busy Life, Two Full Figures, and Unconditional Love.

She and her dog, Kelly, are positively influencing each other towards their individual weight loss goals … Peggy’s lost 40 pounds, and Kelly’s lost six.

They are true inspirations about what it means to give fearlessly. 

And naturally, though she offered us five, we asked Peggy six questions, because we are just so curious about her life, with her dog Kelly:

What has Kelly taught you in life? To be enthusiastic about little things. To live in the moment.

What is your favorite thing to do with Kelly every day? It may be contrary to dieting/exercise message, but my favorite thing is to snuggle with her.

If your dog Kelly could talk, what would she say? "What are you doing working so much? Get out of that chair and and play with me NOW!"

What is Kelly's favorite activity? Chasing squirrels. They always tease her. They run up a tree, and leap through a network of branches and disappear. She'll be barking up at the base of the tree while they're six trees away, looking down and laughing.

How has Kelly changed your life? Every dog I've ever lived with has changed my life for the better, mostly by being there with a happy greeting and love no matter what. But Kelly also has changed my life by becoming the inspiration...and lose weight. We both faced health concerns if we didn't take off the extra pounds. I wanted to change for her. And along the way, I discovered what my dog needed most was not fattening cookies and treats...but, she needed me to keep her healthy, and to stay healthy myself, so that we could continue having so much fun together.

Do you have a favorite dog-related quotation? "If your dog's overweight, you're not getting enough exercise."

Learn more about Peggy’s book by following the “Weight Loss With A Wag” blog book tour. She’ll be conducting these types of interviews all over the interweb.

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