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Holidays crafts and celebrating our dogs

"Cute as a button" is actually true for Bo, the First Dog. As a way to celebrate their love for Bo, and incorporate him into the holiday decor, the White House is creating several hand crafted versions of the First Family's dog. They will have Buttons Bo, Pom Pom Bo, Felt Bo and my favorite -- Marshmallow Bo.

If you are not that crafty, my favorite sources for creating cute Cleo gifts is Walgreens and Zazzle. I've uploaded photos to both online sites, and used their templates to make pretty ornaments and other Cleo-infused gifts. My husband still loves his #1 Dad mug with Cleo's "mug" on it. Have you done anything like that to celebrate your dog?

Here is a cute peek behind the scenes, as Heather Cooper, a floral designer, shares how she put together a mini Bo, made from buttons. (love, love, love, the heart button detail)


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