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A joy this time of year is the chilly San Francisco air. The cold shady side of the street keeps us from overheating during our dog walks. We switch from sun to shade, from hill to flat street, to resting at the corner. My senior dog Cleo loves it.

What Cleo doesn't love, apparently, is my using a treat to take buddy photo. I explained to her before our walk that I wanted to take advantage of the fall weather and light to take a cute photo of us girls. I brought lots of treats to reward her each time she sat for me. 

She "looks" happy in the photos, but I swear every time she "accidentally" leaned into me hard enough to tip me over or move my arm. All of our photos were like this one. Then she got a treat for sitting still for me. She got paid, while I got played. Who knew I would find one, but this could be a downside to a senior dog.

Who am I kidding... I love our walks, this is still a cute photo of her, and she earns those treats every time she walks on a loose leash and greets another dog like a champ. Senior dogs are great, and Cleo was probably just practicing her photobombing with me before Thanksgiving with the family.


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