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Birthday months and annual check ups

Birthdays are a perfect time to celebrate the dogs we love. Cleo received special birthday wishes from her veterinarian, specialists and previous pet hospitals she has visited during her birthday month!


A pet's birthday is the perfect time to review their health records and schedule check ups. Given how health Cleo is in general, her birthday month kept us on track for getting her scheduled for a full senior exam. It is easy to let the months slip by when your dog is healthy and hearty. Here are five things to consider checking with your vet on annually:
  • Your dog's health records
  • Medication schedules
  • View vaccination history
  • Update your account information
  • Check your pet's vaccination/medical service status

Just like with you and your two-legged family members, birthdays are a good way to remember annual exams and just check in with a doc on general updates.

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