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Recently I had the chance to visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. Only after my visit is over and I am home again, do I fully appreciate why people feel compelled to return, and how their experiences at the sanctuary stay with them.


Out of gratitude for the joy I've had with my dog, Cleo, I wanted to share something with the animals while I was at the sanctuary. We didn't have time to volunteer with the animals, or even have one stay over in our cottage, but I wanted to do something meaningful somehow.

Fortunately during the pet blogging conference, BlogPaws, I was given some toys from Hartz Pets. Due to packing constraints, and a birthday girl deciding she had to have one of the Angry Birds toys, I did manage to bring four small toys to the sanctuary. 

With the surprise donations in hand, the folks at Best Friends graciously accepted Cleo's and my donation.









The first stop was Dogtown!

Dogtown is the most welcoming place on earth. They may have been homeless, but none of the dogs here are sad and forlorn. Everywhere you go, you're greeted with wagging tails, yelps of excitement and big, friendly eyes. This is truly a neighborly, all-American town.

After we shared the soft toy and rawhide chewy (which they knew about and had secretly been wanting!), we made our way to Cat World.

Yes, we brought two adorable cat toys, in honor of our cat buddies, like Oscar and Rumblepurr. Grrrrs purrrs to you!


It's a little like the jungle. So quiet and peaceful when you first step in, you can hear your feet on the gravel.  But when you get into the thick of it, and see the eyes of cats all around you, peering from their screened porches, you realize - this place is alive with cats who have a wild daily life all their own. 

Here at Cat World, felines rule (as some of them say it should be!) And every cat finds a place to rest from what was, until now, life's long hard journey. 

We have to thank Hartz Pets for those cute toys, and we have to thank Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for their warmth and appreciation for our little gifts. It means a lot to us to share our good fortune with others when we have the opportunity.

And if you want to know for sure, what angry bird Cleo fell for, here you go...she picked it herself.


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