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10 Things I Love About My Dog

There are many things I love about my dog. One thing that I love, is her capacity to give. She fearlessly gives her affection to other people, dogs, to strangers we meet on our walks. Since the day we brought her home, she has influenced us in a positive way. But [...]

Cleo-Giving-Love our sixth year together closes, we've been through a lot together. We've changed. She's changed. What I loved about her when we first met, has evolved into so much more. Here are ten things I love about Cleo, as she is today:
  • Her constant shedding means I'm not just vacuuming up my hair, anymore
  • After six years together, she still smiles when she sees me enter a room
  • She likes my cooking, when everyone knows I'm not the cook in the family
  • She gets hot flashes too
  • Her pace on walks still matches mine
  • She reminds me to drink more water during the day
  • Her gray hairs blend as well as mine do, without coloring
  • She may stumble and more trip more, but so do I
  • Her vision may be getting worse, but her hearing can still ID someone faster than mine
  • With her thick fur, and thicker body, she still makes the best & warmest pair of slippers I've ever "worn"

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