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Dogs trust means everything

If my dog could talk to me, what would she say?

Have you ever stared at your dog, and wondered what goes on behind those eyes? I have a dog that can stare at you for the longest time. She might wink, or blink, but her gaze grabs you and pulls you close to her. I've stopped what I was doing to go pet her, or kiss her face, because her gaze told me to.

Her Shepherd-Husky face speaks volumes, without saying a word. With a poof of neck fur, and tilt of the head, her brown eyes can make you question yourself. Why am I sitting here writing, when I can be over there brushing her?

Spending so much time with my dog Cleo, I find myself mesmerized by her and distracted by ideas of what she would say to me, if she could speak. Am I alone, or have you wondered, If my dog could talk to me what would she say? 

During the mornings, she likes to nap. She moves from one end of the house to the other, from one bed to another. When she settles in, often she makes a loud sigh, along with the sound of her body folding into itself. If my dog could talk, I bet she'd say "ahhh, now that is the right temperature, the perfect spot."

If my dog could talk to me what would she say? I bet in the mornings, she say "get up already, I need to pee, and I can't open the door without you!" We hear her get up from her bed, walk over to the doorway and plop down. Ten minutes later, she gets up, and walks to the foot of the bed, to plop down again, with a loud thud. She taps out in Morse Code, with her body thuds, "Get Up!"

After she finally goes to the bathroom outside, she likes to scratch up the ground. If my dog could talk to me, I bet after this bladder relief, she would say, "that was great, I feel better and I'm ready for breakfast!"

She used to zoom past me, up the stairs, giving me a glance that says "I'm going all the way up the stairs, and I expect breakfast." Now that she is a senior dog, she slowly walks up to me, sits down for a pet, turns around after a minute, and walks up the landing, waits for me at the foot of the stairs, gives me a slow wag, and then walks steadily up to the kitchen. Once upstairs, she now passes her food bowl, and relaxes in the living room with a casual manner that says "breakfast sounds good, but I can wait."

It has been about six years that we have been together, yet I really still wonder what goes on behind those chocolate eyes. Given my love for her, I don't feel her words would be scolding. She gives off the behavior that we are doing a fair job of properly caring for her. Sure we could give her more of everything, but that is her dog nature speaking, rather than her full stomach and freshly brushed fur.

There is something unique about this dog. She gets me to beg the question..if my dog could talk to me, what would she say?

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