Jack the sheep who thinks he's a dog
If my dog could talk to me, what would she say?

When worlds collide or the perfect Saturday

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Our dog Cleo is truly blessed today. We took her to a blessing of the animals this morning, at a local church. Afterward, she experienced a collision of all her favorite things in the world: people complimented her looks, small dogs loved her, older folks loved her, little kids pet her nicely, we brought treats with us & gave them to her, and she pooped twice. All on the first day of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! 


And to top it all off, we heard everything from "beautiful dog, you're good people, she looks great for nine, is that all shepherd, that's a big dog, giant dog," to just "pretty dog."

Today, we're blessed too. We're blessed to have adopted Cleo.

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