Wordless Wednesday - Different kind of Dogma
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Noticed your dog is walking funny lately? San Francisco dog humor

Think my love for San Francisco is excessive? Think again. This postcard city once again, reminded me that I made the right decision to make my home here. Look at this poster.


This homemade poster asks the question "Noticed your dog is walking funny lately?"  This kind of humor is San Francisco. We laugh at and with our dogs. We embrace all types of dogs, and love them for their differences. I believe there is a broader lesson in there for humans as well. Dogs make great teachers.

What I love the most about this invitation is the inclusion of dogs with cones, casts, one eye, and wheelchairs. In addition, being San Francisco, you are reminded to "leave no trace", which means take your stuff home and pick up your dog poop. San Franciscans will come out to support neighborhood parks, dog adoption events and to just have a good time with their pups. 

"Can one person make a difference?" To me this sign says "yes" and you can have fun while you're at it.

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