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Meet My Shelter Dog Cleo

In my book, dog adoption is not charity. It is simply a wonderful way to add to your family, a chance to add that missing piece which makes your house a home.

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Choosing to adopt a dog, from a breed specific rescue or a shelter, is a wonderful way to bring a new family member into your life. You can label Cleo a shelter dog, but for us that is secondary to her status as beautiful girl. A dog we feel lucky to have found at our San Francisco SPCA. 

Better labels for Cleo would be: big girl, copycat, loved one, senior sweetie, adored family member, and occasional messy roommate.

October is  Adopt-A-Dog Month®. By American Humane Association, and 

Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month. By ASPCA. 

Look at Cleo. Consider adopting your first or next dog. They may be found at a shelter, but only until they find you.


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