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Dogs trust means everything


It will be six years next month since our adoption of our dog Cleo. She has been with us through thick and thin. We adopted her after months of thought and visiting with various adoption groups. However, ironically, the night we adopted her, we had nothing in the house for her. We couldn't have been more unprepared for a dog.

We scrambled, with her bewildered but loving self, driving around town to one resource after another to find appropriate dog gear and supplies. It was not what we had planned, but we love her even more for how well she seemed to trust our good intentions back then. 

Our nurturing turned a rescue dog into a member of the pack. We were mentally and emotionally ready, and years later, our instincts have proven to be spot on. And her trust of us was well founded.

Cleo has blossomed into the sweet and loving dog we knew she could be. Her confidence is greater than it has ever been. She is more open to other dogs and people than she was even a year ago.

Last weekend, we took her to a local church to be blessed by a priest, in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. We did this because we love Cleo, and we wanted her to be included with her neighborhood animal friends in this event. We love the idea that she is being recognized for her amazing personality and her contribution to the animal world, and within our slice of the city.


We feel it is validation of her power, and the wonderful love she gives to so many on our neighborhood walks. She elicits joy from local shopkeepers and children. Her mild manner has endeared her to parents with small children. Cleo loves those sticky little hands and sweet cherub faces.

Cleo continues to trust us and we take that faith seriously. We like to believe that the blessing was a nice way of recognizing her efforts, and in a way, ours. 

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