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Ask the Dog Trainer!

We love dogs. All dogs. We were lucky when we adopted our dog Cleo, because she came with some basic training. In addition, the SPCA we adopted her from, made a basic eight-week beginner manners class, a condition of our adoption. Maybe you weren't so lucky with your dog. This is where Grouchy Puppy and our dog trainer friends come in.


Do you have dog training questions? We have dog trainer friends, who use positive reinforcement methods, and who will answer your questions for free. 

Send us your questions.  Our Grouchy Puppy motto is "give fearlessly | influence positively" and we want to help you live this motto with your dog. Send us your dog training questions, use your dog's name if you're shy. It's okay. We care about helping you set yourself, and your dog, up for success together.

We've had a great six years already with Cleo, that life together began with basic training information. We want to pay it forward, and help you have a good life with your dog too.

Ask the Dog Trainer:

Email [email protected] with "Ask the Dog Trainer" in the subject line.

Call it a 21st century mail bag. We'll collect your questions, and do our best to answer them quickly. With a Shepherd-Husky nose that sometimes causes typos, and paws that delete text, we hope you'll be patient with us. Your feedback is welcome too! We want to help you get all of your dog training questions answered. 

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