Neighborhood Lover Strikes Again!
22nd Annual Franciscan Blessing of the Animals San Francisco Oct 1st

What does it take to adopt a dog?

What does it take to adopt a dog? You go to a weekend pet adoption event or a local shelter. All around are puppies and dogs of all ages and sizes. You look at their faces hoping get a signal that says "I'm the one for you". They pull out all the stops: tilting the head, putting their paw on your lap or making a cute face while smacking their lips. You expect that from a puppy but our dog Cleo did all this when we first saw her at the San Francisco SPCA. 


Cleo was about three years old when we met. Her personality and all those puppy-like ploys worked their magic on us. Knowing she was an adult dog made it a done deal for us and we adopted her quickly. Actually so quick was our adoption that we had to drive around with her that same night, looking for open stores to buy dog supplies. 

The important thing is that she gave us the confidence to take that next step, and adopt her. Do puppies have that power over you? "I own you." That is the message this puppy seems to convey. As cute and effective as the head tilt is, and though it worked on us with Cleo, we have discovered that senior dogs really grab our hearts more than puppies.


Considering Cleo's love for small dogs, we might be persuaded to adopt an older wee sibling for her at some point - a small fluffy little brother who tilts their head.

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