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Year-round Shopping Lists: Senior Dogs

Do you have a senior dog at home? Maybe you are interested in making a donation to your local rescue or shelter? With September being Senior Dog Wellness Month, we thought it would be fun to come up with a list of items and where you can find many of them that every senior dog lover should know about.

Useful tips, gift ideas, do-it-yourself projects and what to recycle from secondhand thrift shops:

Baby slings for carrying small dogs - if they are good for a baby they are perfect for a little dog & your back

Toothbrush - when you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist, ask if you can take an extra soft brush home for your dog.

Soft toys and treats - check out Amazon for deals or consider making them! Consider this LIFE+DOG recipe for salmon dog treats. Here is a DIY project we did on Cleo's toys


Sweaters, Shirts and Jackets, Booties - Always check Goodwill, Salvation Army and local resale shops

Bath mats - these small mats are perfect for a soft place to lay down but they also have the rubber backing which is great traction when old dogs get up.

Yoga mats - everyone is doing yoga and an old yoga mat is still great for a dog to use as a soft place to land or as traction on a hard wood floors. Depending on the situation you might even be able to use one to help with traction on stairs.

Stairs & Ramps - as dogs age they need a little boost to the car and onto the couch. If you feel handy, try building your own lightweight ramp rather than buying one.

Seat Belts, Beds, Crates in cars to hold them

Harness instead of collars - with Cleo's big neck fur and deep chest, we switched to a harnes a few years ago. She is more comfortable and we are too. It is also really cute to watch her step into it when we put it on her.

Grass pads, Pet turf or Potty pads - whatever you call them they are essentially astro turf for dogs to pee and poop on. When you live on a top floor or in a multi-level home, getting your senior dog down three or more flights of stairs in an elevator, especially at night can be touch and go. This fake grass makes it a little easier on them and you when they have to go.

Elevated Food and Water Bowls - dogs with deep chests need these. Cleo has one that her grandpa bought for her from Orvis, after meeting her for the first time. You can also try elevating your current outdoor bowls by turning over a flower pot and using that as a base.

Do you have any great ideas? Any handy tips to share? Leave us a comment. We'd love to hear what you do to care for your senior dog during their golden years.

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