22nd Annual Franciscan Blessing of the Animals San Francisco Oct 1st
Wordless Wednesday #55

Dogma: Live in SF, Love in SF, Made in SF

Can San Francisco handle another street fair? If it involves pets, I believe the answer is yes. People streamed into Hayes Valley this last Saturday for the entire four hours of DOGMA, a new San Francisco SPCA sponsored street fair and pet adoption event. Jennifer Scarlett, Co-President, San Francisco SPCA sums up best why San Franciscans have so much to celebrate:

"We’re truly lucky to be somewhere that’s so tolerant of the ways people choose to live and love and carry on. What we don’t tolerate is suffering, and when we see it, we take action. Those of us working for animal welfare don’t need a party to remind us to be thankful for a community devoted to companion animals and making their lives better. San Francisco is still the safest major U.S. city in which to be a cat or dog." ~ Jennifer Scarlett, Co-President SF SPCA

If you were one of the few people who didn't make it this year, here are just a few highlights of what you missed at Patricia’s Green, a little dachshund-shaped park in Hayes Valley:


Theo strutting his stuff for the talent show! Yes, costumes were considering talent, though Theo proved he could do more than trot across a stage..


..a one-arm PUG-HUG!! 

Choosing to name the event DOGMA was perfect for the SF/SPCA since "dogma" is defined as belief or principle. I am definitely of the opinion and belief that St. Francis would approve of this day. 


Contestants and crowds of excited fans alike filled the Octavia Street corridor. The overcast sky actually made for a perfect backdrop to the colorful people and costumes.


One owner made her senior dog's entire costume by hand. Michi, at 12 years old, would give Giggy from the Bravo show, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a run for his money in the stylish outfit department!


Everyone loved this emperor's clothes. Michi even had little custom booties on his feet!


The SF SPCA, Family Dog Rescue, MILO Foundation, and Muttville, were groups that had adoptable dogs there. I really hope that most of them found forever homes. Personally, this event made for a wonderful way to find your new family pet, and to meet the best organizations in the Bay Area. 

For all the dogs, birds and bunnies present, it was wonderful to see how well everyone kept the peace. Maybe the SF/SPCA had some plain clothes trainers working the crowds? There certainly was a steady stream of dogs getting a free massage from Shelah Barr, of Happy Hounds Massage. The mood was festive the entire day and with the huge turnout, I think we have ourselves a new autumn fair to look forward to next year.

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