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My dog Cleo is the best. For me, it is as if my favorite stuffed animal has come to life. She has been with us for almost six years and is so seamlessly integrated into our home and life, it feels like she has always been here.

How do you know when you met your match? I've thought that Petfinder.com is a bit like a pet-version of Match.com as they do a great job at finding your perfect match. Considering our success with Cleo, I thought it would be fun to share what I consider to be ten signs you are matched with the right dog: 

  • They look at you first before barking, to see if they really need to
  • You kiss them back 
  • As they age you change your habits to make them happy and healthy
  • When at the store you always slow down in front of the dog treats
  • Each time you come home they grab a toy to show off in front of you
  • During the holidays you make them something homemade like cookies or a costume
  • Going out for walks together you gladly match each others pace
  • You both know when it is bed time
  • When you tell them "everything is okay", they listen to you
  • It doesn't matter who has morning breath when you greet each other

Have I missed anything? How did you know you when you found your perfect match? After all these years we love it when Cleo comes up with something new to remind us of how perfect she is for our pack. She is about nine years old now and still teaching us something new about her. As we all get a year older, she is our constant reminder to live in the moment and enjoy every day together. 

If you haven't yet, we hope you find your perfect match. We do believe that dogs make us human.

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