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Better Buddies Eco-friendly Pet Beds on a Mission to Help Special Needs Homeless Pets

San Franciscans care about sustainability and having access to eco-friendly products. We look for natural pet food, alternative pet medicine, holistic vets and we buy from businesses that give back to the community. One of the reasons I support local businesses like Pawtrero Hill Bathhouse & Feed Co. is they share with dog lovers like me, the extensive research that they've done on natural foods, besides offering a great selection of pet products. Pawtrero also regularly hosts adoption events at their locations.

Donut-Stack-dog-bed A new eco-friendly pet bed business in Los Angeles with a similar mission to giving back to the community and helping homeless pets, is Better Buddies, Inc.

This socially conscious company is made up of a trio of pet lovers and animal advocates, including Michael Grady, William Busch and two-time Emmy winning Actress Julie Berman, who currently stars in ABC's "General Hospital", and is an ambassador for the Best Friends Animal Society, a non-profit in animal rescue and adoption.

Better Buddies’ brand of pet beds, which include donut beds, pillow beds and bed rolls, are made of 100% organic cotton and hemp, with recycled PET fiber filling (made from recycled plastic bottles) for both the donut and pillow beds. Ever since my first trip to Hawaii fifteen years ago where I discovered hemp, I've been a huge fan of the fabric. 


Besides wanting to offer great pet products to consumers, Better Buddies' is on a mission to shift society's focus to adoption as a means to finding a pet. Creating Project Paw is part of their socially responsible business practices.

Project Paw will be the umbrella for all of our initiatives through which we will pursue our mission of no more homeless pets, increasing awareness of the benefits of adopting animals from shelters in order to prevent unnecessary euthanasia.

The first initiative under Project Paw is the Guardian Angel Project. For every pillow bed purchased, they will donate 10% of the profits to Best Friends Animal Society Guardian Angel Program.           

The Guardian Angel Project helps homeless animals that have very special needs. These animals need outside funding for state-of-the-art vet care, gentle training for behavioral problems, and most importantly, love and individualized care.

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For more information about Best Friends Animal Society’s Guardian Angel Program:

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