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My 7 Links: Our Addition to the Tripbase Blog Post Project!

Thanks to Houston Dog Blog for tagging us in Tripbase's My 7 Links blog post project, created to unite bloggers of all types to dig up some of their favorite posts that deserve to get a spotlight shined on them. The idea is, we post our links in the 7 categories below and then we nominate five bloggers to carry on the torch.

So here we go:

  • Most Beautiful Post: Every post that features Cleo is beautiful to me, but every Christmas we have together is extra special because we're so grateful.


  • Most Popular Post: Our most popular post/stories are really the Influence Positively interview series. We started these more than a year ago and it has been a wonderful journey of discovery. We dig up busy do-gooders whose dedication to animal welfare keeps them out of the spotlight. It feels good to be their unofficial publicist so others can see how they too can make a difference - for example read our interview with Sherri Franklin, Founder of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue  Muttville-Sherri-Franklin

  • Most Controversial Post: Grouchy Puppy is about focusing on the positive and the constructive. This post called Dog Training and Never Shock a Puppy Campaign, is probably the closest we've gotten to controversy Never Shock a Puppy

  • Most Helpful Post: Inspired by the music and lyrics of Jack Johnson, as well as the idea of a fun eco-friendly project, I spent an afternoon performing squeaky toy surgery in Dog Toys: Reduce Reuse Recycle.


  • Post whose success surprised us: Back in January we were challenged by fellow pet bloggers Edie of Will My Dog Hate Me? and Amy of Go Pet Friendly to step from behind the computer screen and share a little. We surprised ourselves by how much we shared, and we were happily delighted by the responses to how we answered the Pet Blogger Challenge: What's this all about anyway? Cleo-Grouchy-Puppy-Muse

  • Post that didn’t get the attention it deserved: The Dog Days of Summer Campaign post last year spoke about taking action to help pets. It shared what you can do in your own community to be the change for pets and how anyone can rise to a challenge! I got some attention then but it is a worthy reminder for us everyday..BlogPaws-Summer-Campaign

  • Post we are most proud of: On both blogs we celebrated's 15th Anniversary in March with a series of posts. However, we loved being a part of their Adopt the Internet Day! On the Grouchy Puppy blog we tempted folks to Spend Adopt the Internet with Cleo and followed it up with Cleo's sharing of 12 adoptable dog profiles in 12 hours. She picked out dogs that looked like her, were seniors too or were her weakness, cute wee-sized dogs. A lot of dogs got adopted that day and it made us all really proud to join in - Cleo has been the best ambassador for dog adoption.


  • Passing on the torch!

    Here are the five bloggers who graciously accepted our challenge to keep this relay alive!

    Maggie Marton, Oh My Dog Blog

    Peggy Frezon, Peggy Frezon's Blog

    Vicky Thrasher, Paw Print City Times

    Hilary Lane, Fang Shui Canines

    Michele Hollow, Pet News and Views

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