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File this one in the Not to Toot My Own Horn Too Loudly department:

Ever since I was a child, I've loved dogs. Growing up as an avid reader, I've also developed a passion for writing. Through my Grouchy Puppy blog, it has been a dream to bring together my passion for dogs with my love of writing. And being able to do this in my favorite city in the world, San Francisco, it is a dream that is actually coming true.

Now, my dream has become a little more realistic and a lot more exciting. Starting in September, I will be taking on the role of Editor-at-Large for LIFE+DOG Magazine. Based in Houston, this incredible lifestyle magazine has grown considerably in less than a year. They are now expanding out of their home state of Texas, with one of their first stops being San Francisco. With more dogs per capita than children, San Francisco is the perfect place for LIFE+DOG Magazine to expand their doggie empire.

It will be my pleasure to contribute monthly articles about modern living with man's best friend to this wonderful magazine, with a focus on life and dogs in the Bay Area.

I hope you will subscribe and follow us both.

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