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Meet Carol! She Shares How To Get Covered in Traditional Media at BlogPaws 2011


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As the Social Media and Public Relations Director for FIDO Friendly magazine and writer/editor for one of the nation’s largest online learning institutions, managing multiple priorities with skilled confidence is a mainstay for Carol Bryant. As the author of numerous feature articles and original educational content, diversity is a well-managed craft. Dogs to digital, canines to career certification, Carol’s writing has produced training and advancement programs for usage by thousands of students in an online, e-learning capacity.

Get to know Carol Bryant before BlogPaws by reading our Influence Positively interview from August 2010. She will be at BlogPaws on August 25-27, in Tyson's Corner. She and Ryan Rice, from Houston Dog Blog will be conducting a panel session together. 

Beyond the Blog: Getting Your Platform, Business or Cause Covered in Traditional Media

Breaking through e-coverage and getting covered in traditional media circles.

CAROL BRYANT- FIDO Friendly Magazine

RYAN RICE - Houston Dog Blog

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