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Wag & Go Outdoor Pack Product Review & Special Offer

Though we live in San Francisco, with it's famous foggy summer weather, our walks in the city still make us thirsty. The hills and urban landscape mean that when we take a break it will more likely be on a stoop rather than a trail head or under a shady tree.

Wag-Go-Outdoor-Pack-Product-Review With our concrete jungle in front of us, Cleo and I decided to test out a new product from, an online retailer of modern, upscale dog bedding, furniture and accessories. We don't do product reviews often but since San Francisco is a stylish city, and we love climbing our steep streets, we couldn't wait to try out the Wag & Go Outdoor Pack.

The kit includes a pack bowl and bottle, along with enhanced water for both of us! With the pace that Cleo takes on some of our hills, I loved that the bowl fastened tightly around the water bottle. And if you stop along the way for a water break, don't worry about a wet bowl. You can use the clip on the outside of the bowl to hang it off any loop (belt loop, back pack, leash) to dry in the sun while you finish your walk.

We have the occasional super hot temps in the city, and on those days we go for our walk early in the morning before the sidewalks get too hard for paws. This is the perfect time to drink the included bottle of Avitae, the first and only caffeinated water. Keeping your dog healthy means good nutrition, regular check ups with the vet and exercise.

Wag-Go-Outdoor-Pack-Product-Review Wag & Go Outdoor Pack. Going for walks with your dog wherever you live can improve your health and your dog's health. This kit includes Dogdration, the only veterinary-approved water specifically formulated for your pup, has electrolytes to keep energy levels high. There is no excuse! This clever hydration kit is perfectly functional and stylish for city or country living.

SPECIAL OFFER. For one week only, get 10% off your order while shopping on Enter the code gp10 at checkout to receive the discount.

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What we liked: We love the grab and go aspect of this kit! The leak-proof portable bowl and its water bottle that fits exactly inside is super handy!

What we didn't like: Nothing, though given how much coffee we already drink, we probably don't need the caffeinated water in our kit.

What it cost us:  Nothing

What it might cost you: The Wag & Go Outdoor Pack is listed on for about $25

Disclosure: We were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own.

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