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Petunia's Puppy Posse Weekly Photo Caption Contests

Follow the Litter! The Helen Woodward Animal Center picked us (woohoo) to be foster bloggers for their newest litter of puppies. Loving any excuse to look at so much sweetness, we have been over the moon with joy - not to mention hungry for a possible video (hint hint) of Petunia and her puppies.

Our first week as a foster blogger is already over and the puppies are growing like, well, puppies. Since these wee ones are being all kinds of adorable, we want to include you in the awwwwwsome cuteness. They have brightened our San Francisco foggy summer day, why not brighten yours?

Taking a page from Cleo, and her ability to share the love (and her fur) far and wide, we came up with an idea perfect for the summer. We're starting weekly photo caption contests. Today!

Petunia's Puppy Posse. While you cool off in front of the A/C or relax in the evening on your porch, you can check out the newest puppy photo and create a funny caption for it. We've seen your sense of humor on Twitter. Write a witty caption and the favorite will be displayed on the Grouchy Puppy Facebook wall. 

  • We'll post a new photo each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday* for you to add your clever caption. *Maybe more depending on how many adorable photos we get from Petunia's foster family, Mike and Barbara Johnson.
  • A winner will be chosen at the end of each day and announced the following day via Twitter and our Facebook wall. 

Petunia's Puppy Posse Photo Caption Contest For Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pups_star blanket

Be sure and follow Grouchy Puppy to find out who gets bragging rights!

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