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Hey Everybody We're A Foster Blogger!

If this was the 1940's we'd be passing out cigars. Today we're proudly announcing our new role as a Foster Blogger for the Helen Woodward Animal Center's Follow the Litter newest dog litter!!! We've been on pins and needles waiting for this big day to get here! Cleo loves small dogs, so we are excited to learn that our dog litter is from a Yorkie-blend named Petunia. With that name, we're already in love.

Deciding to foster a dog is a wonderful commitment to make. You not only help socialize a dog that is waiting for their new home by your loving attention and care, but you also help the often crowded shelter or rescue by providing temporary boarding. We applaud all volunteers everywhere who choose to animal foster! You guys are amazing and demonstrate the Grouchy Puppy motto!

Puppies!! Puppies!! Puppies!!

 With our new role as Foster Blogger, we will be sharing weekly photos and hopefully even a video from the foster family! We know the joy of dog adoption, and we believe that animal foster is a life-saving service. When you follow this dog litter with us, we think you will not only see the joy of animal fostering through the photos and stories, but you may even picture yourself fostering a dog. We hope you'll consider it. Well without further ado, we want to proudly introduce Petunia...


"Petunia came to Helen Woodward very pregnant and within a week, gave birth to 5 adorable babies!  We sent Petunia and her new babies to one of our best foster homes and they have been thriving ever since!  This week they are about 2 weeks old, pretty soon they will open their eyes. Are you ready to follow a cute litter?”

Look at what a great mom Petunia is!  She loves her babies very much and has been taking wonderful care of them

Petunia pups in their pen
Foster family Mike & Barbara Johnson are one of the best at Helen Woodward Animal Center.  They have a 5 star puppy set up, doesn’t Petunia look nice and comfy?

Bed full of pups
Wednesday: Is there anything cuter than a cozy bed full of tiny puppies??  They won’t fit in this bed for long!”

The group
“Petunia must be out taking a break, every mom needs some time to herself, right?!”

Follow Petunia and her cute babies here! We'll keep you up to date on the adorable news coming out of the foster family.  

Tiny pup-HWAC
"Well, we aren’t sure we can top this photo, but we will try!  Make sure you don’t miss a day, these guys will grow so fast, they won’t fit in the palm of your hand for long!”


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We already love Petunia, and her sweet babies. Puppies grow so fast, how will they look next week? I hope we get a video, because who doesn't love the cute sounds puppies make too?! Thanks to Mike and Barbara Johnson for fostering these cuties!! 

Learn more about adoptions and being a foster parent

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