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Every Day is Mutt's Day

July 31 may be Mutt's Day on the calendar and on Facebook but for us, it is a day like every other day of the week. We're not party poopers but we believe in celebrating a good thing, every day. And adopting our dog Cleo was definitely "a good thing".


The Daily Beast. We get up together, stretch together, go out for a "business meeting" in the backyard some mornings and then have breakfast together.

Most days our afternoons are spent together, before we have dinner together. In the evening we head to bed together at the same time.

When is it Mutt's Day again? 

We like to visit the neighborhood shops and streets regularly to let her pick up the news and interact with folks. Cleo is a local celebrity due to her size, personality and inherent ability to garner attention wherever she is. Fortunately for us, her skills lean more towards the kind of attention that involves love and kisses and treats.

People ask if she is a Shepherd or if she has Husky in her. Some will talk about their own dog that they had as a child or is waiting for them back home because they are visiting the city. All agree that Cleo has a open and giving face that elicits "giggles, smiles, ohhs and ahhs".

I tell every person who will listen that she is a sweetheart, adopted from the SPCA as an adult, and that she is a mix. Mix or mutt, we don't label. We celebrate Cleo every day we are together at home, or out in the neighborhood. Because no one knows how long we are going to be together, why stop at celebrating a good thing once a year? It is a long time to wait to celebrate Christmas or a birthday. Our decision to adopt Cleo has been reaffirmed again and again, who wouldn't want to celebrate that on a frequent basis?

Happy Mutt's Day to everyone. If you do you have special plans, we'd love to hear what they are. Do you buy a gift or a special meal? Are you creative and make something? We're always looking for ways to show Cleo how special she is..


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