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Photo Caption Contest Time!

So much puppy cuteness!! Here is a new photo from the latest litter being fostered for the Helen Woodward Animal Center. We had to share this week's adorable moment! As a foster blogger we're so proud of Petunia. These puppies are growing so fast, they're opening their eyes already!

Come on, join the Petunia Puppy Posse and add your funny caption to the latest photo...


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That's So Cleo: Influence Positively Demonstration

Dogs give fearlessly. Our dog Cleo positively influences people she encounters walking in our neighborhood. You can see why the Grouchy Puppy motto is: "Give Fearlessly, Influence Positively". We try to live by that motto, and celebrate its meaning whenever we see it demonstrated. Earlier this week, there was an incredible chain of events that highlighted why our motto is important and how Cleo inspired it.


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Deciding to see a Vet Specialist

When is it the right time to see a Vet Specialist? 

Just like with people doctors, you need a referral to see a specialist. We don't have pet insurance, though I doubt our visit, and any future meds that came as a result would have been covered anyway. We clearly love our dog, and will do everything we can to keep her safe, happy and healthy. Like many people though, we sometimes struggle with our decisions where she is concerned. Do we treat her like a dog or a baby? Do we go overboard with our care and attention? Are we helping or exacerbating the situation?


Vet specialist visit or self-treatment? Honestly it took us awhile to go through the thought process. We love our dog but at the same time we don't want to take her to the vet for every little anomaly. I'd like to consider myself a competent pet parent.

Given our love for Cleo, I could see myself overreacting to a bump or new behavior. But how do you know when you are actually not being overreactive, but are being preventative in your decision to seek professional help?

Considering Cleo is my first dog as an adult, I'm sure my worries are normal and commonly heard by experienced vets. Like people doctors, most of the vets we've been to nod their heads a lot and say, "uh huh. yep. uh huh. okay. let me make a note of that in her file. uh huh."


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Petunia's Puppy Posse Weekly Photo Caption Contests

Follow the Litter! The Helen Woodward Animal Center picked us (woohoo) to be foster bloggers for their newest litter of puppies. Loving any excuse to look at so much sweetness, we have been over the moon with joy - not to mention hungry for a possible video (hint hint) of Petunia and her puppies.

Our first week as a foster blogger is already over and the puppies are growing like, well, puppies. Since these wee ones are being all kinds of adorable, we want to include you in the awwwwwsome cuteness. They have brightened our San Francisco foggy summer day, why not brighten yours?

Taking a page from Cleo, and her ability to share the love (and her fur) far and wide, we came up with an idea perfect for the summer. We're starting weekly photo caption contests. Today!

Petunia's Puppy Posse. While you cool off in front of the A/C or relax in the evening on your porch, you can check out the newest puppy photo and create a funny caption for it. We've seen your sense of humor on Twitter. Write a witty caption and the favorite will be displayed on the Grouchy Puppy Facebook wall. 

  • We'll post a new photo each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday* for you to add your clever caption. *Maybe more depending on how many adorable photos we get from Petunia's foster family, Mike and Barbara Johnson.
  • A winner will be chosen at the end of each day and announced the following day via Twitter and our Facebook wall. 

Petunia's Puppy Posse Photo Caption Contest For Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pups_star blanket

Be sure and follow Grouchy Puppy to find out who gets bragging rights!

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Influence Positively Interview - Laura Welch

Laura-Welch-SNAP Laura Welch joined the Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) in January 2006. Previously she was a co-founder and executive director of PAWS Houston, a non-profit organization. She created the mission and developed the infrastructure of PAWS Houston which was formed to help keep terminally ill patients together with their animals as long as possible. Prior to that position, Laura worked for the Greater Houston Partnership coordinating the annual major campaign, golf tournament and other major events. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and volunteers for many organizations including The Rose Foundation, American Brain Tumor Association and various animal organizations. Laura has served on the Pet Patrol Board of Directors and Women’s Home Auxiliary Board. She was a presenter at the Human-Animal Bond World Conference 2005 and at the National Spay-Neuter Conference in 2006.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Perfect happiness is when a dog I have pulled from the shelter, treated for sickness, socialized, etc., finds a wonderful new home. I love seeing the sick, scared dog blossom after receiving love, good nutrition and veterinary care. When I get a note from the animal’s new family saying how much they love the dog, I know that both the people and the dog are making each other’s lives better. Knowing that I helped save that one dog truly helps when I hear of all the other dogs and cats that are euthanized because they could not find a home.

Also, perfect happiness is knowing that I get to come to work every day and do something to help the animals and that I get to work with amazing people that are passionate about making a difference. I am truly happy to go to work everyday.

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Night of 1000 Mutts & Million Big Hearts

Dogs have to be one of the most sure fire ways to bring people together, especially on chilly foggy San Francisco nights. July 16 was the 3rd Annual Moolah for Mutts, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue's big fundraiser. The sold out event is a testament to the human-dog bond. The folks that gathered there clearly knew and appreciated the love of animals, especially senior mutts.

Night of 1000 Mutts

Large poster boards showcasing adopted dogs lined the inside of the Swedish American Hall where the event was held. It was really impressive to see so many donated items along rows of tables for the silent auction. Signed books & photographs, tote bags filled with goodies, bottles of wine and lots of getaway trips were available for bidding on.

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PAWS Extern Programs: Public Health

Who do you know who acts tirelessly on animals’ behalf? I don't know them personally but when I saw this question, I immediately thought of the many people who have participated in the PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) Public Health Externship Program.

If you don't know them already, San Francisco is home to Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS), a volunteer-based organization that provides for the comprehensive needs of companion animals for low-income persons with disabling HIV/AIDS and other disabling illnesses, as well as senior citizens. Here is one recent person sharing his gratitude on the PAWS Facebook Wall

Billy Jean Kanios - Preserving the Human Animal Bound. How fanstastic you did this for me. I am so grateful to u all. Also let me not forget Andrea and her work around the law and companion animals.

Today is Blog the Change for Animals. We chose to share a little about the PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) Public Health Externship Program. The students who complete this program, and the many PAWS volunteers whose tireless work for folks like Billy Jean deserve our support and recognition.

Blog the Change 

Be, Blog and Read the Change for Animals!

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P.L.A.Y. Auctions Celeb Signed Beds Benefit San Francisco SPCA

Malin AkermanMalin Akerman signing the Footprints bed

At the recent MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge, P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You) presented celebrities with their award- winning line of pet beds and in return asked for help raising money for animals in need.

Over 100 stars from today’s biggest TV shows (including Glee, True Blood, and The Office) and movies (Twilight, I Am Number Four and The Proposal) autographed one of two beds from P.L.A.Y.’s Artist Collection. The sassy Heels and Boots bed features signatures from 27 Dresses star, Malin Akerman and Whitney Port from The City; while the classic Footprints bed boasts autographs from America’s Best Dance Crew and Extra host, Mario Lopez, along with Jackass, Steve O.

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Hey Everybody We're A Foster Blogger!

If this was the 1940's we'd be passing out cigars. Today we're proudly announcing our new role as a Foster Blogger for the Helen Woodward Animal Center's Follow the Litter newest dog litter!!! We've been on pins and needles waiting for this big day to get here! Cleo loves small dogs, so we are excited to learn that our dog litter is from a Yorkie-blend named Petunia. With that name, we're already in love.

Deciding to foster a dog is a wonderful commitment to make. You not only help socialize a dog that is waiting for their new home by your loving attention and care, but you also help the often crowded shelter or rescue by providing temporary boarding. We applaud all volunteers everywhere who choose to animal foster! You guys are amazing and demonstrate the Grouchy Puppy motto!

Puppies!! Puppies!! Puppies!!

 With our new role as Foster Blogger, we will be sharing weekly photos and hopefully even a video from the foster family! We know the joy of dog adoption, and we believe that animal foster is a life-saving service. When you follow this dog litter with us, we think you will not only see the joy of animal fostering through the photos and stories, but you may even picture yourself fostering a dog. We hope you'll consider it. Well without further ado, we want to proudly introduce Petunia...


"Petunia came to Helen Woodward very pregnant and within a week, gave birth to 5 adorable babies!  We sent Petunia and her new babies to one of our best foster homes and they have been thriving ever since!  This week they are about 2 weeks old, pretty soon they will open their eyes. Are you ready to follow a cute litter?”

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