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Night of 1000 Mutts & Million Big Hearts

Dogs have to be one of the most sure fire ways to bring people together, especially on chilly foggy San Francisco nights. July 16 was the 3rd Annual Moolah for Mutts, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue's big fundraiser. The sold out event is a testament to the human-dog bond. The folks that gathered there clearly knew and appreciated the love of animals, especially senior mutts.

Night of 1000 Mutts

Large poster boards showcasing adopted dogs lined the inside of the Swedish American Hall where the event was held. It was really impressive to see so many donated items along rows of tables for the silent auction. Signed books & photographs, tote bags filled with goodies, bottles of wine and lots of getaway trips were available for bidding on.

Sherri Franklin, founder of Muttville greeted folks lining up at the door as they checked in. No dogs were allowed but we did get to see a few sweet senior furry faces in the crowd later in the evening.

Bongo, a 12 year old cutie was shown off by his foster parents but soon found himself loved up by dozens of ladies. He couldn't have been more chill with the noises, and folks like yours truly sneaking in a little pet of his fur in the dim light and close quarters.


By the time Maxwell, the 1000th Muttville mutt came out on stage, people were in the mood to raise their paddles to donate to this wonderful organization and its pups.

The spirit of giving and love for these older dogs, and Muttville's mission is something to feel. Everyone in that room either had adopted a Muttville mutt, volunteered in some way for these dogs, or just felt the pull these sweet seniors had.

Older dogs have so much love and companionship to give, and deserve as much care and attention as a puppy.  Organizations like Muttville's are filling a needed role by focusing on elderly dogs. So often these older dogs would be put to sleep, but with folks like Sherri leading the charge, senior dogs are getting a chance to live out their life with companions who adore them.

Mike co-owner Pet Food Express Local business Pet Food Express is a wonderful supporter of Bay Area pet rescue groups, and Director of Community Outreach, Mike Murray was on hand at Moolah for Mutts to share their support.

During the first live auction, to raise money for dental work needed by Charlie, a new Muttville senior dog, paddles went up offering $100 at a time, and Lenny Broberg (Muttville supporter, San Francisco Police Officer & energetic Auctioneer) raised $2000 in less than two minutes!

All in all, it was a wonderful night! $1200 was raised for dinner with Sherri at SOMA restaurant Skool. There was a long line of smiling people waiting to pay for the dozens of unique items they had successfully bid on when it was over.

And besides the money raised, I learned after I got home that Bongo, the handsome 12-year old fellow, had been adopted.

SF-Giants-Package-MuttvilleSan Francisco Giants Auction Item

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