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Animal Hoarding Part 1: What is it?

Pedigree Delivers to The Amanda Foundation

One way social media helps animal rescue is through campaigns like the Every Dog Deserves campaign from Pedigree. During June, Pedigree is donating 1 lb of food for every Like, post or tweet. Every social media engagement counts.

Step forward. Pedigree shared this sweet video as it delivers its first 10,000 pound pet food donation to The Amanda Foundation in Los Angeles.

The Amanda Foundation

In Latin the name “Amanda” means worthy of love, so our charity is named not for a person but for our philosophy towards our Dog and Cat companions. They are worthy of our love and protection. For over 30 years our mission has been to rescue as many loyal pals from the shelters and then find them loving new homes. At the same time we endeavor to educate the public about the importance of spay/neuter in order to reduce pet overpopulation.

The Every Dog Deserves Campaign is full steam ahead with its goal of delivering 100,000 pounds of dog food to shelters across the nation. As the June campaign continues, this 10,000 pound food donation is just the start!

Remember that Pedigree is donating 1lb of food for every Like, post or tweet in the month of June. So spread the word!!


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