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Influence Positively Interviews: Dog Trainers Edition

Do you know a dog trainer who is amazing? Tell us! We found many that have previously been highlighted in our Influence Positively Interviews. Today we're highlighting five of our favorites. They are each very different yet clearly share one thing in common, their respect for dogs. They have different training focuses like Dee whose speciality is diabetic alert dogs or Zak whose brilliant at getting your dog to jump through hooped arms.

Simple questions we can all answer. This interview series shares the common qualities we can recognize within ourselves. What is your idea of perfect happiness? If you could come back as a dog or a cat, which one would it be & why? What is your pets most treasured possession? Your proudest achievement so far? Who are your heroes in real life?


Popular weekly series. Each week we're proud to have introduced you to people you didn't know, or maybe gave you a fresh perspective on someone that you have met or worked with.  We believe many are out there we haven't met yet who are busy giving fearlessly of themselves to animal welfare. 

Do you know someone? Tell us! This is a big world, we need your help shining a spotlight on folks in your community. If we include your nominee in our series, you will get a special shout out as well for your brilliant detective work. Now walk out your front door, look around your town square and sniff out these folks. We know they are everywhere busy doing good.

Dog Trainers Edition. Learn more about what our Influence Positively interview series is all about by reading these five interviews pulled from the archive.  These five interesting people do so much more than just train dogs. Each in their own unique way, bring out the best of the human-dog bond.

Their answers offer surprisingly intimate details of what motivates them to do what they do.  We hope you enjoy what you read and that you make a point of coming back each week for another introduction.

Dee Bogetti - a full time trainer who specializes in Diabetic Alert Dogs

Anna Bettina Johnson - is a CAP certified instructor & sits on the Board of Directors for Utah's pitbull rescue, Have Pittie.

Zak George - teaches pet parents how to train their dogs to do everything from doggy waving, jumping through hooped arms, to making a dog into a Frisbee® fanatic

Cindy Bruckart - is Certified Pet Dog Trainer and an evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen program and a Licensed Dogs & Storks Presenter

Hilary Lane - is in the canine coaching  business and is a co-founder of the new American Treibball Association

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