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Care2 Click and You May Help a Shelter Win Cash!

Vote for Your Favorite Shelter! If you have been watching the new TLC show Extreme Couponing, then you know everyone in America is looking for ways to stretch their dollar. 

With funds tight for animal non-profits too, wouldn't it make you feel good if you could make a difference for your favorite shelter? Here is a way you can help, without spending anything more than a little time online!

Care 2 Contest

Starting now Care2ASPCA and Adopt-a-Pet are sponsoring the America's Favorite Shelter contest . Click and vote for your own favorite organization! It is that easy! When you and your friends vote for your favorite group, they could win one of these cash prizes:

The group with the most votes wins $15,000 from Care2. In addition to the grand prize, Care2 is awarding $7,000 and $3,000 to the two runner-ups respectively. is also sponsoring a $500 prize each week for the eight weeks of the contest to be awarded to a randomly selected participating shelter, giving every shelter, from every community, a chance to win.

Go to America's Favorite Shelter contest; enter your zip code, choose your favorite shelter.

If you don't have a favorite we suggest Grateful Dogs Rescue in San Francisco! They work so hard to save as many dogs as possible, place them in experienced foster homes, and provide veterinary care and training as needed until loving adopters can be found.

GDR logo
Grateful Dogs Rescue is the oldest all-breed rescue group in the city! For 20 years they have worked directly with San Francisco Animal Care and Control to save the lives of dogs at risk of euthanasia!

To vote for Grateful Dogs Rescue:

Go to America's Favorite Shelter contest

Then in the box at the top banner, enter their zip code - 94141

Scroll down to [G] Grateful Dogs Rescue

Yep, it's that simple and that easy to make a difference in the lives of animals and the folks on the front lines. Try it and see how you good you'll feel. Then pay it forward and get your friends to vote too.


Click Here For Contest Rule and Details

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