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You Stuff It!! An Easy Dog Bed Project

Today I contemplated how many dog pounds per square inch Cleo was applying night after night on her dog bed. From where I stood, it looked pretty flat. For those who saw our post of the stylish pet bed we reviewed, the bed I am staring at, is not that bed but her older bed that she uses downstairs at night.

Big German Shepherd Booty!

Picture a large square grilled cheese sandwich, only blue and with flowers on it, then imagine her big Shepherd body sprawled across it for hours and hours. Her Molly Mutt duvet covered bed is flat in the middle with a little border of crust around the edge, though the crust here is made out of fabric. Cleo has had it for ages and the original stuffing we put into it, has possibly been squashed beyond hope.

Molly Mutt Dog Duvet
What am I to do? Well, summer is on its way so I decided to turn this into a project.  Here is how I spent a recent Saturday:

  • Took pictures of Cleo's big butt and the flattened bed
  • Unzipped the duvet cover and washed it
  • Opened up the cool Molly Mutt stuff it sack that had our original ingredients
  • Washed a second load with all of the old stuffing
  • Rummaged in the linen closet and Goodwill bag for soft clothes, socks, towels and old undershirts
  • Took old but now clean bed ingredients and added the newer items to the stuff it sack
  • Made sure to spread evenly all the items smoothing out any lumps
  • Put freshly laundered, and dried without fabric softener because Cleo's nose is sensitive, duvet cover back over stuff it sack
  • Fluffed bed up and added two old Japanese pillows to lessen sleepy drool marks along walls or floor

Japanese Pillows
Cleo slept on it without complaint from the very first night. I have to give props to Molly Mutt because this duvet has held up for at least two years now or more. We still love the concept of the stuff it sack too. We're not alone in our love for them either, Molly Mutt is in the May issue of Life and Dog magazine as Best in Show!

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