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Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites Product Review

Healthy dog snacks. We are always on the lookout for treats that our dog can eat. Since she has dietary restrictions, we can't grab just anything off the shelf. We need to look over the label closely.

Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites Chewy Treats

We're fortunate to live in the city of St. Francis. There are many pet centric businesses and services, from canine massage to homemade dog food. However for those who don't live here or even within driving distance, we just found a national and trusted brand of dog biscuits that now includes a healthy choice for your dog.

New Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites (TM) dog snacks product line includes oven-baked Granola Biscuits and oven-baked Chewy Treats. We (Cleo) got to try a package of their chicken flavored Chewy Treats. Besides the chicken, they include apples, sweet potatoes and rolled oats. Cleo is cannot eat beef but the Chewy Treats include a beef flavor that has real beef, apples, carrots and rolled oats.

She didn't hesitate throwing down some poses to taste a few treats. We were entertained by a rollover, a down, a sit and a shake before she was rewarded. Since she liked the treats so much we went in for the BIG UP trick* so she got a bonus snack. 

Grouchy Puppy Review:

What we liked: Good smells and all the ingredients that our dog can eat!

What we didn't like: Need more choices, like fish! Cleo can't eat beef or lamb.

What it cost us: Nothing

What it might cost you:  $2.99 for 5 oz


We have to thank the people at Del Monte Foods and Milk-Bone(R) for including some extra boxes of their new Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites in the package they sent. We told them that we could only review the chicken flavored Chewy Treat because of Cleo's dietary restrictions, but that we would be happy to deliver a donation to a local rescue in their name. These small but meaningful donations add up. Thank you!

* The BIG UP is her big trick where she half climbs up your arm to shoulder height so that her paws rest over your forearm. We don't do this trick very often. Cleo is now older and we worry about her flexibility, and at 85lbs this girl has talons nails that grow long too fast which dig into your arm.


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