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Influence Positively Interview - Zak George

We are coming up on the one year anniversary since I started the Influence Positively interviews. Where has the time gone? They have been a wonderful success. I am still amazed and impressed by the fascinating people highlighted every week.  If you have missed any, check out the interview archives.

I feel like a cross between Barbara Walters and a Pinkerton detective. Sometimes people find me and sometimes I need to dig around before I uncover the next fascinating person in the wide world of pets and animal welfare.

Our goal has been to inspire action in our readers, as well as simply share common motivations and traits we all have inside when it comes to pets.  Read my March post about what the interviews are all about and what prompted me to start them

Zak-george-venus Today we continue the interview series, with our first video interview, submitted [unedited] by Zak George. If you are into teaching your dog tricks, you may know him already from his successful stint on Animal Planet as the host of Super Fetch!

Zak George has always been intrigued by dogs, but his true talents for working with these amazing animals went undiscovered for more than 20 years. Little did he know that playing with his older brother’s German Shepherd, Levi, would change the course of his life and bring these skills to the surface. 

It all began during a hot summer in Georgia when Zak’s brother asked him to throw a Frisbee® to Levi. Years later, after the hours spent playing with Levi had sunk in, Zak had a dream where he saw a dog spring boarding off his back to catch a Frisbee®. This is when it all clicked together for Zak and inspired him to bring Venus, an energetic and intelligent border collie, into his life. With very little formal training, Zak used his instincts to guide him and developed a positive training method in which Venus excelled. Together, they won five extreme dogs competitions in their first five years! 

Zak and Venus soon became one of the most sought-after human-canine couples, appearing on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, in the Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show and The Ultimate Dog Championship. Even David Letterman was barking up their tree for an appearance! Along the way, Zak added two more world-class trick dogs to his canine brood – Alpha Centauri and Supernova. With his new-found fame, Zak was inspired to spread his love for dogs and training to pet parents around the world.

He began by uploading YouTube videos that taught pet parents how to train their dogs to do everything from doggy waving, jumping through hooped arms, to making a dog into a Frisbee® fanatic. Over the past five years alone, he has helped more than 3,000 dogs and their people around the world and racked up almost three million YouTube hits! When not training dogs, Zak is a gadget buff, enjoys eating seafood, honing his video production skills and spending time with family and friends in his hometown of Atlanta.

Hope you enjoy Zak's version of the Influence Positively Interview, and his answers to the five questions. Be sure and watch for his bombshell answer to question 2...

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