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Can Dog Toys Be Controversial?

Recently I saw this dog toy at my local pet shop. It is a Bony Baby called Osama Bone-Laden. 


Can dog toys be controversial? This toy has a rawhide chew bone sewn inside. Clearly the toy is for dogs who love rawhide and for people whose dogs tear their toys up. Even the description of the toy says that it is perfect for people who are tired of tossing away broken plastic squeakers torn out of a toy. Would you buy one? It is only $7.

Given the recent news of the demise of the person who this toy is modeled after, is this appropriate or offensive? Do you think it is funny? When I looked around the web after I saw this toy, I found that the toy was created at least a couple of years ago. It is only now that it popped up in my local pet store.

What do you think? This is a dog toy. Should they be allowed to be controversial? Is there a line that was crossed? The first time we saw a Chewy Vuitton squeaky dog toy purse, we thought it was hilarious and cute. We loved the Jimmy Chew squeaky shoe/foot toy. On the flip-side, we don't buy pig ears because (a) they personally gross me out and (b) they personally gross me out. As icky as they might be to me, would you find them controversial or just icky?

I suppose anyone can find anything to use to make a personal or political point, even in the dog toy world. Given the timing of my seeing this toy for the first time, and the killing of the real man, it gave me pause. Can dog toys be controversial? Please leave me a comment with your thoughts.



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