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Unsung Heroes: Many Organize to Help Dogs

Since getting involved with Muttville, a rescue focusing its efforts solely on senior dogs, I've been paying closer attention to how animal nonprofits work in San Francisco. It has been a joy to support and help promote their fund-raising and placement efforts.

SF Supervisor Scott Weiner at Muttville Day
Some groups are terribly creative at how they go about sharing available dogs with the public.

I appreciate seeing local San Francisco businesses like The Wag Hotel and Doc's Clock regularly offering space for Yappy Hours. These clever opportunities give people a relaxed way to view a few dogs at a time, while they discover if they are meant to have a dog in their life. I imagine some people can get overwhelmed spending the same amount of time, visiting dogs at the Animal Care and Control. These short evening or afternoon events allow people to learn more about a specific rescue and their background, besides meeting some cute pups.

Responsible Caregivers Every Day Even in a Parade
The people I meet involved in animal welfare never cease to impress me.

The veterinarians who donate time or procedures for these groups get a big tip of the hat from me. I can't tell you how amazed and impressed I was, when I read that the San Francisco SPCA is going to provide free spay/neuter procedures for pit bulls FOREVER.

As you see in this photo above, during the brief May 10 Muttville Senior Rescue Dog Day parade, a little No. 2 business didn't stop the celebrations. Our commitment to being a responsible dog owner remains even in the midst of the excitement and cameras!

Many unsung heroes deserve our support

I salute all the local rescue groups, not just Muttville, who work hard to organize and place dogs who would otherwise be euthanized. My hat is off to the veterinarians who donate hours and hours of their time. I applaud the animal hospitals who give free services to needy pets. And I appreciate dog breeders and purebred owners who are doing their part to end overpopulation, and advocate for responsible dog ownership. You know who you are.

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