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Influence Positively Interview - Anna Bettina Johnson

Anna and Eros Anna Bettina Johnson is a professional with over 12 yrs experience creating well-behaved, happy, healthy companions. She has an Animal Sciences degree from the University of Hawaii, with a focus on clinical small animal nutrition. While living on the islands she was able to experience the training and handling of many different types of animals, including captive dolphins, sea turtles and tortoises. Her love of animals also led her to start a non-profit rare breed mastiff rescue where she worked to rehabilitate and place these giant dogs.

She has worked with a variety of animals in zoos, animal sanctuaries and even the World Center for Birds of Prey where she cared for and handled large captive birds. She takes her unique experiences and combines them to help you understand your companion on a completely different level.

Anna is a CAP certified instructor (which is currently the only professional certification that actually assesses the skills, abilities and knowledge of the handler). She has a Best Friends Animal Sanctuary certified training center, and is a founding member of the Never Shock a Puppy coalition. She has also been approved by the Truly Dog Friendly association and as a recommend trainer.

She very much enjoys educating people about holistic remedies and healing nutrition. She is a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, a Holistic Animal Practitioner and Canine Nutrition Consultant. Anna has been featured in the prestigious Utah Business Magazine as well as the local paper, IN This Week. She is locally known and recommended by well-known veterinarians and many well-respected nonprofit rescue groups. Anna has a soft spot for rescue and ran her own nonprofit rescue for six years. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for Utah's pitbull rescue, Have Pittie.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? I LOVE dogs! I work everyday to help people better understand them. Perfect happiness for me is a world of happy, healthy, confident companions. A world where fear, pain, intimidation and force have no place in dog training, and overall health and nutrition includes natural, organic & conscious decisions. 

If you could come back as a dog or a cat, which one would it be & why? A dog…hands down! More specifically, I think coming back as a giant breed would be excellent!  I love the lumbering spirit of a big, gentle soul, especially when they refuse to budge on the sofa to let you sit down (there has been more than one time at my house when I’ve sat on the floor so as not to disturb the dogs)!

What is your pets most treasured possession? All of my dogs have treasured different things. I feed a prey model raw diet at my house, so most of my dogs have loved mealtime more than anything else! But, my 2yr old Neapolitan, Pi, is a very gentle player & loves stuffed toys. He has a tuffy’s Giraffe named “Johnny” that he has hauled him around since he was just a few weeks old.

Your proudest achievement so far? Opening the first Positive Reinforcement Training & Education Center in Utah! In 2009, two partners and myself got together & opened Calling All Dogs. We are changing the lives of dogs in the Salt Lake Valley everyday! Our store offers a large variety of interactive learning toys, training supplies and organic, healthy, food, treats & supplements. We started with 3 trainers and one large training room. We have since expanded, adding another training room, 4 more trainers and a few assistants to help us out. Along with almost 30 training classes a week, we offer educational seminars on behavior as well as holistic care and nutrition.

Who are your heroes in real life? I have an amazing Aunt, Marilyn, who has always been my hero. She recently turned 70yrs old, but you wouldn’t know it! If you can catch up with her, the first thing you’d notice is her nurturing spirit, she always makes sure that anyone around her is taken care of. You’d also be able to see the very conscious decisions she makes in her life; Eating organic, joining causes, volunteering. She respects the planet and is always finding little ways to give back to humanity. She is a wonderful example of how to live your life.


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