Wordless Wednesday #39
Dogs in Brazil: Pluto the Ugly Puppy

Grateful Dogs Rescue San Francisco Adoption Fundraiser

Looking for a nice way to spend your Sunday afternoon? Have you been to the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco for brunch?  

We love to support wonderful local businesses of all kinds. In this case, we are excited to share a wonderful way to spend May Day in San Francisco.

Come to an adoption event and fundraiser at Pawtrero Hill BathHouse and Feed Co. for Grateful Dogs Rescue.

From 11AM- 3PM come enjoy a sunny neighborhood in the city and support a great local rescue. 



Grateful Dogs Rescue, a non-profit organization, was founded 20 years ago by Michelle Parris, a former SF Animal Care and Control volunteer. She made it her mission to rescue "un-adoptable dogs," i.e. dogs not made available for adoption because they needed some medical help or some behavioral training. Rather than letting these dogs be euthanized, Grateful Dogs Rescue saves as many as possible by fostering these special-needs dogs until a loving home is found.

Pawtrero™ Hill BathHouse and Feed Co. Ltd. was founded by Shireen Nyden & Suzie Yannes, who met at the Potrero Recreation Center dog park in San Francisco in the summer of 2001. By January, they were commiserating over how muddy their dogs would get after one trip to the dog park and there was no convenient place to bathe them. Both of their dogs were having dietary issues, so they began extensive research on natural foods without chemicals or by-products. Pawtrero™ Hill BathHouse and Feed Co. opened in October of 2002. The store has a down to earth old-fashioned feed store atmosphere. Their second store opened in June of 2005 in the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. The essence of this neighborhood was captured with a beachy, bright, open-air feeling. Both stores have dog bathing facilities and carry high quality food, treats, toys and gear for cats and dogs. They work closely with a holistic vet, educated in both Eastern and Western medicine with a focus on nutrition, on recommendations for specific issues.

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