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P.L.A.Y. Pet Beds: After Rain, Mud and Puppy Playtime

Dirty Pet BedSan Francisco has had a record number of rainy days for March. Our house seems to have broken a record for the number of muddy dog prints on the carpet. With our first sun, I hope to smell more fresh flowers than wet dog for a change.

This weekend after all the rain I washed Cleo's new (well not so new anymore) dog bed for the first time.  This was the cover's first official washing in the washing machine. There have been "unofficial washings" that include a few swipes with a sponge and Dust Buster.

In this first photo I tried to show some of the darker smudges but they are hard to see from my camera exposure.  The fabric has done a great job at repelling dirt from Cleo's toes, especially with the heavy rains that we have had in the Bay Area this Spring.

Between her dirty feet, rolling her butt around on the grass at the park, playing reindeer games with her buddies, it took Cleo about a month to leave a permanent "shadow" of grime on the bed's cover.

Big props to P.L.A.Y. for the amount of filler they use in their pet beds!  This dog bed gets dented after Cleo's 85 lbs has been napping on it for hours, but once she moves to the floor or another part of the house for a while, the bed poofs back up!

Clean Pet Bed Getting the cover off the bed was a little easier than getting it back on, but that was due to user error rather than shrinkage.

Out of the dryer popped a clean cover that was bright again - relief! The cover was a little wrinkled but so what, the fabric is amazing. With her tough nails, Cleo has not done any damage to the fabric or seams.

This dog bed has been great. After more than a month, it is still pretty, poofy, plus it's a piece of cake to clean! Thanks Will and Deb!!


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