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Wordless Wednesday: Day After Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day 2011

Spend Adopt the Internet Day with Cleo: She'll introduce you to her little furriends

Pet Adoption. Today we're celebrating Petfinder's 15th anniversary with Adopt the Internet Day.  Please visit Cleo's blog today to see the dog profiles we chose from Petfinder's gallery of adoptable dogs highlighting the kinds of dogs Cleo loves to play with and meet on walks.

Cleo is sharing a new dog profile starting at 6:00 AM in San Francisco, every hour for 12 hours, with treat breaks. Click on the Cleo's Day tab above.

Spread the word about adoption. Lots of blogs and websites are coming together to share the joy of pet adoption: PetSugar - Dogster - Oprah.com and ICAN HAS CHEEZBURGER are four of the many wonderful groups participating today.  

Adoption and just deciding to care for another life, is a personal decision and choice, whether that life includes two or four legs.  For me, the best way to show my appreciation for pet adoption organizations like Petfinder is to play with and hug Cleo, my adopted dog.

Dreaming Cleo at SF Presidio

I grew up with dogs and love them like crazy.  They make me laugh, cry and smile.  I want to pull my hair out sometimes because of them, and there are times I feel like the crappy dog owner.  However the one consistent sensation deep in my heart of hearts, is love and gratitude. I am grateful for knowing dogs.  I feel so alive and motivated by them. They inspire me to be a better human.

The humane human. Cleo has been one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made.  Before Cleo (BC), I had played with friend's dogs and stopped to pet the random dog on the San Francisco street.  I dreamt of my future dog but knowing that I wanted to do my best to ensure that we had a dog that I was prepared for, I took my time.

However, like Petfinder, the SF-SPCA did a great job sharing dogs that were ready for a permanent home.  We came prepared and ready to take a risk and open our hearts and home to a dog.

Risk-Reward. When we saw Cleo the first time, we felt a spark. We also knew we were taking a risk.  We were risking our hearts but our reward could be immeasurable.  And we are just talking about us, and not speaking for Cleo.  I couldn't begin to speak for the risk she was taking, investing her love and trust in us. 

If you are ready, or when you are ready we hope that you will look at the pets available on Petfinder, or next door on Cleo's blog, and consider adding one to your home.  Yes, it is important to do your homework and think about the commitment you are making but just as important is your action.  

Take the plunge and choose to actively adopt.  Our joy of adopting Cleo has never dimmed, except when we think about her eventual passing and even then, my husband and I both agree that we would do it again.  Please look at these dogs or use your own special and meaningful criteria on Petfinder's site to find your pet.  We know it is a risk but the reward - for both you and your new family member - could be more than anything you ever dreamed.

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