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Grouchy Puppy Archive: Do you know these people?

Animal lovers. In 2010 we started an interview series called Influence Positively. I felt that for every sad story in the media about a pet or animal, someone needed to share an uplifting one.  For each depressing pet adoption video, I felt compelled to share a funny or happy dog video.  In what you might call my Northern California way, I wanted to even out the cosmic balance.

Spotlight. I began posting short interviews with people who had answered five simple questions.  Five universal questions that gives the interviewee freedom to approach their answer from dozens of angles.  This freedom I believe assures us readers that what we read will be at the least, a thoughtful answer and at best, a meaningful personal moment they are willing to share.

IMG_3726 Shining a spotlight on people from all walks of life who devote time, energy, thought and love to animals has to be a good thing. These people often give of themselves without measurement. They go forward in their work with animals because an internal motive is pushing them.  Being the bossy, nosey person that I am, whose first word my mother swears was "why", these informal interviews are meant to shed light on that internal mechanism. Don't you want to know why they do what they do? I want to know why!

Simple questions. The interview series shares the common qualities we can recognize within ourselves. We may change things later this year, but for now I still want to know: what is your idea of perfect happiness? If you could come back as a dog or a cat, which one would it be & why? What is your pets most treasured possession? Your proudest achievement so far? Who are your heroes in real life?

Popular weekly series. Each week we're proud to have introduced you to people you didn't know or maybe gave you a fresh perspective on someone that you do know.  We believe many are out there we haven't met yet who are busy giving fearlessly of themselves.  Do you know someone? Tell us!

Learn more about what our Influence Positively interview series is all about by reading these eight interviews I pulled from the archive.  The answers you will find offer surprisingly intimate details of what motivates the subject to do what they do.  We hope you enjoy what you read and that you make a point of coming back each week for another introduction.  Later this year we plan to introduce new interviewees to you via video.

Kim Clune - Co-Founder of BtC4Animals.com and so much more

Jean Donaldson - Founder of The Academy of Dog Trainers and author

Sherri Franklin - Founder of Muttville, a senior dog rescue in San Francisco

Dr Nancy Kay DVM - Author, Lecturer, Internist and Veterinarian

Jane Harrell - Marketing professional, Associate at Petfinder

Mike Arms - President Helen Woodward Animal Center, teaches “the business of saving lives” to shelters worldwide.

Bev Van Zant - Iams Consumer Relations and homeless pet warrior

Dorian Wagner - Author of YourDailyCute.com, spearheaded the first annual Santa Paws Drive


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