SF SPCA Offering Free Spay/Neuter to Residents in February
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Our Valentine and Pet Theft Awareness Day

When we first adopted Cleo from the SF-SPCA more than five years ago, we knew we had scored big time. She was and has been the BEST first rescue we both have ever experienced. Now we are sold (unintended pun) on pet adoption over buying a dog.

With this amazing experience brought fear. Fear that someone might try and take her away from us. Fear that her adorable personality and incredible beauty would alert some sneaky, dastardly element the one time we left her alone for a minute, a second.

Cleo our SF-SPCA Gift

Because of this absolute adoration and fear that others would envy our good fortune enough to try and steal Cleo away, we began our life with her by incorporating habits such as: never leaving her in the car unattended; never leaving her tied up outside a coffee shop or post office while we pop in, even for a second; and never letting strangers we encounter on our walks believe that she is not without a touch of fierce protectiveness for us, her one true pack.

Today we are not quite so concerned, maybe it's Cleo's obvious love for us, even when she is around others that she clearly adores like our dog walker or members of Team Cleo.  We do let slip to strangers that she is a big cuddler and has a lovely manner for such a big German Shepherd-Husky with a loud voice and scary lunge for the mailman.  However even with that, we do live in the big city and Cleo is the most amazing ambassador for big adult dog rescues that I am now eternally grateful for the microchip that the SF-SPCA had implanted in Cleo before we adopted her.  Knowing that microchip is there helps me probably as much as Cleo, in the event of an unforeseen separation.

Hey, you can't be too careful these days.  And speaking of careful and the SF-SPCA, they are offering free SPAY/Neuter to local residents all month.

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