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Award Season 2011 Continues - Grouchy Puppy Style

This is turning out to be an amazing year, and February just ended.  First we got picked by Life and Dog Magazine to be their west coast online content partner, and be in the first issue!  Then MARS Pedigree considered us influential and invited us to their first canine nutrition summit.  Now - out of the blue - we just were handed a Stylish Blogger Award.  This is usually the part where Cleo is so excited that she dashes away, and starts squeaking a toy like mad...

Stylish_blogger_award We're not going to dash but sit and remember our manners and say thank you. Thank you so much Erica from Paws to Rufflect with Kahuna's K9s for surprising us with this award and because our logo alone makes you happy just to look at it!  We think Erica is pretty awesome too, and not just because we love all things Hawaiian.

Now the responsibilities that accompany this awesome award are:

  • thank the blogger who gave the award
  • share 7 things about yourself/your pets 
  • pass the award onto 15 other bloggers 

Seven Things about us at Grouchy Puppy:

  1. Cleo, the muse behind it all, is a large mix rescue from the SF-SPCA who is now considered a senior dog. 
  2. Cleo inspired us to create these blogs, with her own Cleo's Day dog blog now starting its third year.
  3. I absolutely love living in San Francisco and feel gratitude everyday for my life.
  4. My husband does 99% of the cooking while I do 99% of the cleaning.
  5. My idea of camping is bringing my own food and supplies in the car and to a hotel room.
  6. With Cleo moving into her twilight years, our goal here is to learn how to embrace our life with her while surrendering to the notion of her eventual physical departure. It isn't an easy task.
  7. Being responsible for two dog blogs is a challenge but actually helps keep life with Cleo in balance. She gets to share her experiences, things on her mind and point of view, while I get to share mine.

15 Blogs I’m Passing the Award on to:
  1. Houston Dog Blog - Brett and Ryan inspire us because they show us how to mix great style and great causes in a one blog! 
  2. Dogtipper - Paris and John are intrepid travelers, writers and photographers that motivate me to do more, share more and write well.
  3. Daley's Dog Years - With Cleo becoming a senior canine, we find ourselves visiting Daley's blog and enjoying this adorable personality.
  4. FIDO Friendly - is it wrong to love the magazine, enjoy the daily Facebook questions AND still love the blog?
  5. Dancing Dog Blog - We profiled Mary in our weekly Influence Positively interview series, and we've been following her ever since. Her blog is always informative!
  6. This One Wild Life - Love Kim, this blog and her passion for animal rights. Her energy and resourcefulness (especially when it comes to living in snow) impresses me!
  7. Gooddogz - I really enjoy reading Nancy's posts. She shares stories, tips and insights that helps me keep a good perspective when it comes to my life with Cleo.
  8. Rumblebum - This adorable cat from New Zealand could be Cleo's long lost little feline brother. We love to follow his adventures.
  9. To Dog With Love - We met Diane and Cosmo at BlogPaws and love them! We have been following their travels whether it is Cosmo flying in agility or across the Atlantic to Italy. 
  10. The Thundering Herd - Because Cleo is part Husky and sounds like a herd of one around here. Plus watching all that these guys do makes us want another Husky.
  11. Kenzo the Hovawart - We love saying Hovawart though we still are not sure what sort of dog they are because being very very cute and cuddly.
  12. Petfinder's Blog - I learn a lot from the various posts and always seem to find some other interesting piece of information about dogs that I never knew before.
  13. I Still Want More Puppies - Pup Fan leaves us so many great comments, plus we totally we just adore Bella!
  14. Oh My Dog! - Maggie has written guest posts for us here and we adore her. Love her writing and her focus on important issues like BSL.
  15. My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much - We met at BlogPaws and then again at Nashville. Every time we are reminded how much we enjoy Michelle's blog and seeing Toby of course!



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